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The syllabus forms the basis of each seminar, serves as a reference for the entire semester and is curiously awaited by students on the first day of the semester. However, syllabus design is more than just distributing the "material" to the sessions: clear and structured syllabi make a significant contribution to the success of your course and have a positive effect on motivation and learning success.

In this workshop we will cover some basics and strategies for an effective, meaningful design of your syllabus. The following questions are in the focus:

How do I define the overall topic, individual session topics as well as teaching and learning goals for my seminar?
How do I plan the course of the seminar, and which phases are involved?
How do I structure the teaching / learning sequences?
How do I find the 'right' or appropriate methods?

After a some thematic input and joint introduction to the topic, we will work on your own seminar plans as examples in a second, practically oriented work phase. Please bring them to the event or upload it to StudIP in advance!

Diese Veranstaltung ist mit 4 AE im Themenfeld "Lehren und Lernen ermöglichen" auf das Zertifikat "Kompetenz für professionelle Hochschullehre" des Hochschuldidaktischen Netzwerks Mittelhessen (HDM) anrechenbar.

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