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Practical class: PK: Time and Project Management of your Dissertation - Details
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Course location / Course dates

(Online (Webex)) Tuesday. 23.11.21 09:00 - 12:30
Tuesday. 14.12.21 10:00 - 12:30


This workshop gives an overview of existing strategies and techniques to efficiently and effectively organize one’s schedule for the dissertation phase. Participants will be introduced to project management tools and how to apply them to their dissertation projects. Please mind that this workshop focuses solely on the dissertation phase and that this is not a general introduction to project management.
The aim of this workshop is to acquaint participants with common strategies, methods, tools, and principles of time and project management. One part of the workshop is designed for participants to draft and discuss their own project schedules. Ideally they will leave the workshop with a concrete and manageable work plan.
Time and project management tools belong to the so-called ‘transferable skills’. The workshop will thus also prepare participants for future work in academia or academic management.
The workshop particularly addresses doctoral researchers in their first year, but is open to doctoral researchers at all stages of their projects.

Participants are asked to send in the following material to the course instructor in advance:
- an existing schedule and/or work plan for the dissertation
- a ‘tough nut to crack’: What are you struggling with the most?

// Dr. Elizabeth Kovach

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